Sunday, March 1, 2020

My 26 For 26

Hello everyone!
As you may remember, because I haven't shut up about it, I set out to do 26 new things in my 26th year.
Last week I officially turned 27 and am happy to report that I actually did it?!?
There were a few things on my original list that I didn't complete but, I switched them out with some other things I had never done and had always wanted to.
So, here it is.
My 26 for 26.

Attend The Halloween Party At Disneyland

Went to the first-ever Oogie Boogie Bash as fox Robin Hood and Maid Marian.
It did not disappoint!

Visit Harry Potter World

Visited Harry Potter world and drank way too much Butterbeer.
Worth it!

Spent Memorial Day weekend downtown and decided it was the perfect place to view my first rated R movie, Pulp Fiction.

Kind of a fail as the wind didn't allow the balloons to be inflated for more than fifteen minutes but I did go!
It counts!

Take My First Cycle Class

Tested out the newly opened CycleBar and fell in love!
I went several more times and can't wait to go back.

I had the opportunity to work with several brands this year, including Friday Apparel whose sweater I am rocking above.
Do yourself a favor and head to their website and buy yourself something with the code AUTUMN20 for 20% off your order!

Go On My First Hike Trail

Okay, I have "technically" hiked before but not on an actual trail.
Look at those fall colors!

Giraffe Encounter At The Zoo

I legit sobbed after feeding the giraffes.
It was everything I wanted...

Attend Swiss Days

Ate a scone the size of a small toddler.
10/10 would recommend.


Went as Genie and Jafar to see Aladdin the musical.

Earn My First Paycheck From My Side Hustle

Forbes reached out to me via this here blog and asked if I would write a couple of overviews on Salt Lake properties.
The money was a nice bonus. 😉

See The Legend That Is Elton John

Erik and I spent weeks trying to win tickets on the radio.
We ended up spending a small fortune from our savings.
No regrets.

Attend My First Blogger Event

Had the pleasure of previewing Vintage Market Days with fellow bloggers and Instagrammers.
I still don't know how/why?

My first-ever sip of alcohol was in Oga's Cantina, a Star Wars bar at Disneyland.
Would you expect anything else?

I feel that these faux snakeskin boots speak for themselves. 

Work For A Company I Admire

I have always wanted to work for a local company in Utah who's shop and product I adored.
I was hired on for seasonal help at Letterfolk and am still there!

Buy An Expensive Lego Set

$100 Harry Potter Great Hall right here.
Worth every penny...

Attend A Workshop

I tried my hand at a watercolor workshop.
Those are supposed to be trees in case you were wondering...

Get A Passport

I haven't "technically" gotten my passport yet...
But, it will be here in a few weeks!

As I don't want to share the name and location of my therapist, here is a selfie of me in my car announcing to the world that I spent an hour trying to decide if I should put on make up for my first session.
Like, I want to make a good impression but, am I just going to cry it off?

Pay For A Stranger

While getting a pedicure I overheard another customer getting a manicure saying that they were for her wedding in a few days.
Needless to say, I HAD to pay for her WEDDING manicure!

Penguins are my spirit animals.
For a day, I got to be one with my penguin brethren. 

Adopt A Doggo

We adopted Ziggy from the Utah Humane Society a few weeks ago.
He is perfect and I love him.

I don't know about rocked...
But my hair was temporarily rose gold and I low key loved it.

Elsa, who?

Do Goat Yoga

I Totes Mcgoats would recommend goat yoga.

There you have it!
The 26 new things I tried in my 26th year of life.
It was definitely a busy year and one I will never forget.
What is something you have always wanted to do?

All my love,

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