Monday, August 12, 2019

Balloon Fest Or Bust | 26 For 26

Hello everyone!
Over the weekend Erik and I tried to cross another item off of my 26 for 26 list.
The Balloon Festival!
Each year they blow up hot air balloons and send them into the sky all together in a large group.
I have heard it is amazing to see.
Especially because they do it at sunrise.
Erik and I headed out first thing on Saturday morning.
We arrived at the park and there were no balloons to be found.
I thought that was interesting as we barely made it on time but we settled into place nonetheless.

After about a half-hour of waiting for the balloons to be blown up, I heard a few people say that they had decided not to do it.
A quick peek at their Facebook Page confirmed this.
Turns out the wind was too fierce in the sky...
We were pretty bummed but weren't too worried as we knew they also blew up the balloons at night. 
We headed back home, took a nap and knocked out our Saturday to-do list. 
Then it was off for a second try.
We arrived at a new location and it was pumping!
There were food trucks, a live band, blow-up slides and several activity booths. 
We quickly found a place to settle down and grabbed some snow cones to munch on. 

We watched as the hot air balloon pilots let kids pull on the burner flame that sent huge flames into the air. 

We saw several baskets and balloons ready to inflate and figured it was only a matter of time.
After an hour of waiting, we anxiously watched as one air balloon started to inflate.

Then another, and another.
We got so excited!
It turns out the wind was still too harsh so they could not go into the air.
Three balloons decided to blow up so we had something to look at but they only stayed inflated for about fifteen minutes.
It was a little disappointing but we appreciated the effort. 

I am still checking it off my 26 for 26 list!
I did go and did see balloons get inflated so it counts, right?
Have you ever ridden in a hot air balloon?

All my love, 

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