Wednesday, November 6, 2019

It's Time For A Few Changes

Hello everyone!
What's this?
A post on Wednesday?
That's right!
I have been feeling really overwhelmed lately.
I have been frustrated with myself.
Frustrated with where I am and where I think I should be.
Frustrated with things that have tripped me up.
Frustrated that I am quite possibly failing in every aspect of my life.

I spend too much time and energy beating myself up and it always comes down to this.
I can give up or keep moving forward.
So, whatcha going to do?
Give up?
The first thought that comes to mind when I ask myself this question is a quote.

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I love creating things and sharing them.
But trying to stick to posting two times a week here, while posting content on other platforms, working two jobs, trying to keep my house going, maintaining my relationships with friends and family and trying to keep my sanity has been hard. 
Things I have been so excited to create have left me filling unfulfilled because I do not give myself enough time to execute them. 
That's why I think this switch up will be better for me with the holidays upon us. 
For the last month or two, my Friday crafts and recipes have been going up on Sundays.
So, why not just change my upload day to Sunday so I don't feel so bad?
And heck let's change my Monday posts to Wednesday so that I have a nice space between my posts. 

I can sit and stew or I can get to work.
No one is going to make a beautiful life for me, besides me.
And maybe Erik but we are basically the same person. 😉
Here's to hoping these small changes make a big impact on my life.
How have you been feeling lately?
Let's check in with ourselves and make some necessary changes. 

All my love,

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