Monday, September 30, 2019

Halloween Time At Disneyland | We Went To The Oogie Boogie Bash | 26 For 26

Hello everyone!
Erik and I wanted to go to Disneyland for our anniversary this year for two reasons.
One, Halloween Time and two, Mickey's Halloween Party. 
In April, Disneyland announced they would no longer be doing Mickey's Halloween Party but would be switching over to Disney's California Adventure for the Oogie Boogie Bash.
We were game!
We bought tickets as soon as they were available and waited (not so) patiently for September. 
It was so much fun to see the parks decorated for the holidays. 
Disneyland is always decked to the nines for Halloween.
Giant jack o' lantern versions of Mickey and friends great you over the entrance.

The giant Mickey jack o' lantern on Main Street, the fall colored bunting hanging from the buildings, pumpkins everywhere, it's all perfection.

One of the most popular attractions is the Haunted Mansion that gets taken over by Jack Skellington and his gang for the holidays. 

Halloween Time is newer to California Adventure and it was so much fun to see it for the first time together.

The giant talking Oogie Boogie over the entrance gates really sets the tone.

The headless horseman is in the heart of Carthay Circle to welcome you.

Cars Land is decorated as Radiator Screams and the attention to detail is incredible!

We attended the Oogie Boogie Bash on our last day at the parks.
The party was SO much fun!
They had a ton of villains out for you to meet along with some really obscure characters.

We got to see some great costumes. 
There were 10 trick or treat trails to walk and get heaps of candy from while coming face to face with villains.
The Frightfully Fun Parade moved over from Disneyland and showcases all characters in costume along with, you guessed it... more villains!
There was a new World of Color show exclusively for the party.
We walked through the immersive Villian's Grove.
But, my favorite part of the night was the reaction to our costumes.
The Halloween parties at the parks are one of the only times adults are allowed to come in costume.
Erik and I dressed up as Robin Hood and Maid Marian from Disney's Robin Hood.
Yes, we were foxes!
We had several people ask to take pictures with us, we received so many compliments and props for representing an underrepresented film and a few people couldn't help but stop and tell us how much the movie Robin Hood meant to them.
It was so interesting to hear people's stories about the way the movie influenced their lives.
An older woman told us how it was her eldest child's favorite movie and how they must have watched it 50 times a day. 
Another lady told us how she had a crush on Robin Hood as a girl and only recently had the courage to tell her sister and her sister admitted to having a crush on him too!
Also, the first villain we happened to spot in the park was Prince John himself!
Right next to him?
The Sherrif of Nottingham!
As soon as they spotted us they motioned for us to hop in line to meet them.
We couldn't resist the opportunity and snagged a few fun pictures.

We left with an insane amount of candy...
Good thing we drove!
It was definitely a night to remember.
I don't think I will ever be able to top trick or treating in Disneyland!
Who are you dressing up as this Halloween?

All my love, 

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