Monday, May 13, 2019

Disneybounding At Aladdin | 26 For 26

Hello everyone!
Over the weekend Erik and I saw an off-Broadway production of Aladdin.
It was the first time either of us had seen it and I thought it would be the perfect time to cross an item off my 26 for 26 list, Disneybounding!

Disneybounding is a more subtle way of dressing up as a Disney character.
Adults are not allowed to dress up as characters in Disney Parks as it could confuse children.
Disneybounding was created as a way to channel a character through everyday apparel.
But, you don't have to be in the Disney Parks to Disneybound.
People do it every day just to add some fun into their lives.
I thought dressing up for the play would be a great option for our first time.
I considered items I already had in my closet and decided to dress up as Genie.

I chose a pair of dark denim jeans and a jean jacket for his blue body.
I used a red t-shirt for the sash around his waist.
I added some gold hoop earrings to replicate the earring in his right ear.

For my hair, I did I half up bun and tied a black hair scarf around it to represent his black ponytail on the top of his head.

In the movie Genie occasionally wears shoes.
I have a pair of gold slip ons that I refer to as my genie shoes because they remind me of the common gold curly toed genie shoes.
Genie's shoes are brown in the movie but I figured my "genie" shoes were the way to go.

I also did a sparkly rose gold eye for my make up to represent Genie's magical powers!

For Erik, we went a little more simple.
After looking at the items he currently had in his closet I thought Jafar would be the way to go.

He wore charcoal jeans and a black hoodie for Jafar's robe.
He wore a red tee for Jafar's red sash, sleeves, and underside of his robe.

He wore a charcoal beanie to represent Jafar's turban.

In the movie, Jafar wears brown shoes as well.
Erik does not have brown shoes so we figured some black slip ons would do the trick.

We had a lot of fun seeing Aladdin together.
I am sure the people around us were a little confused by some parts of our outfits but it was fun to have a secret purpose behind them. 
Who would you Disneybound as?

All my love, 

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