Monday, August 19, 2019

Vintage Market Days

Hello everyone!
Last week I had the pleasure of previewing Vintage Market Days.
Vintage Market Days is a vintage shopping market that carries everything from home decor to clothes to food.
They reached out to me a few months ago and asked if I would be interested in shopping the market at a private event the day before it opened. 
Um... yes, please!

Erik was my plus one.
We headed up to Heber the minute he got home Wednesday night.
Since we were one of the first to arrive we received a swag bag with all sorts of goodies from the vendors. 

We grabbed some treats and enjoyed them as we walked around the showroom.
There was so. much. good. stuff.

 I loved walking and rummaging through each booth.
They each had their own feel to them.
Some were completely vintage finds, some were new items that were made with a vintage feel and some were both.

I didn't end up buying much as we are trying to save any and all money for Disneyland but, I did come across some new shops I am OBSESSED with.
I was in love with their whole aesthetic!
Their simple natural vibe is what I am all about. 
If I were a shop this would be it. 

And Blvd 22.
I am a T-Shirt girl and instantly fell in love with their graphic tees.

Also, can we talk about their set up?
They had a renovated trailer that you could shop out of.
So cute!
You better believe that my next paychecks after Disneyland are going straight to both of these shops.

I am very grateful that I was asked to attend the event. 
It was such a fun experience and it inspired me in so many ways.
Vintage Market Days is an event that takes place all over the country.
You can find when they are coming to a city near you here.
I highly recommend you go!
It's an amazing way to support your local shops.
How would you describe your home's style?

All my love,

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