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Our Honest Disneyland Halloween Time Food Reviews

Hello everyone!
While Erik and I were in Disneyland we tried to eat as many seasonal food items as we could.
Some of the items were for Halloween Time and others were in honor of the Haunted Mansion's 50th Anniversary.
I have more of a savory tooth while Erik has more of a sweet tooth.
Since we have different tastes, we thought it would be fun to have Erik contribute to this post and give his opinions as well.
We are here to give you our honest reviews on the SIXTEEN items we were able to try.
We gave ourselves a rating scale of 1 out of 5 with no half scores.
Here is where the food landed with us.

Blackberry Midnight Julep

A Haunted Mansion 50th Special.
Blackberry, Citrus and Mint with Lychee "Moon." Found in Disneyland at the Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square.

Autumn: "The blackberry julep was seriously lacking in blackberry flavor... I am not sure if it was just the one we ordered but, I was disappointed. All in all, it tasted like a regular mint julep which is still a win in my book. I give it a 3/5."

Erik: "Aside from a homemade mint julep made by Autumn, this was my first julep experience. Overall I'm not a fan, all I could taste was mint and not much else. I was really hoping for more of a fruity zing in there, oh well. There are plenty of better drink options in the park. 2/5"

Pumpkin Spice Beignet

A Halloween Time Special.
Sweet Beignets topped with Pumpkin Spice Powdered Sugar. Found at the Mint Julep Bar in Disneyland at New Orleans Square.

Autumn: "The pumpkin spice beignets were good. I expected a lot more fall flavor but it was really subtle. I would rather have a regular beignet than a slightly pumpkin beignet. I give them 3/5."

Erik: "A nice, warm treat with a slight hint of pumpkin. However, I'm not the biggest fan of bread and could have done with a little more sweetness or pumpkin spice. Overall it felt like I was eating a roll and I was a little bored with it. 3/5"

Pumpkin Spice Churro with Caramel Dipping Sauce

A Halloween Time Special.
Churro rolled in Pumpkin Spice Sugar with Caramel Dipping Sauce add on. Found in Disneyland at the Churro Cart near Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters in Tomorrowland.

Autumn: "The churro itself wasn't that great... A little chewy. The dipping sauce bumped it up a score for me. Definitely splurge for the sauce if you give it a try. It's what made the churro. 3/5"

Erik: "My favorite churro of the trip. Although the churro itself was a bit chewy, the spices covering it really hit the spot and got me in the mood for Fall. Spring for the caramel sauce, you won't regret it. 3/5 without sauce, 4/5 with."

Pickwick Ghost Punch

A Haunted Mansion 50th Special.
A lively concoction of Fruit, Citrus Juices and Sherbert. Found in Disneyland at Royal Street Veranda in New Orleans Square.

Autumn: "This was a delightful surprise! The drink holds a lot of delicious citrus flavor. It reminded me of an Orange Julius! The perfect refreshing drink to quench your thirst on a hot day at the parks. 4/5"

Erik: "Very refreshing and sweet, the fruit flavors really came through and the texture of the beverage was thick and creamy, it was almost like I was drinking a melted orange creamsicle, which I'm not complaining about.  4/5"

Professor Phineas Plump's Cure-All Fritters

A Haunted Mansion 50th Special.
Pimento Cheese Fritters with Ghost Pepper Ranch Dressing. Found in Disneyland at Royal Street Veranda in New Orleans Square.

Autumn: "Yes, yes and did I mention, YES! These are a must-have for me. I was a little hesitant to try them because of the ghost pepper ranch... But it was the perfect amount of heat. A deep-fried cheese ball is exactly what I never knew I needed! 5/5"

Erik: "These were simply amazing. It was like eating deep-fried, spicy, mac and cheese balls. The ghost pepper ranch was a savory concoction that I could (and did...) lick up on its own. Don't worry, these aren't as spicy as they might sound, just enough to add a very nice kick. Autumn and I split everything in the park, and this was the only thing I wish I had all to myself. 5/5"

Mummy Macaron

A Halloween Time Special.
Two Vanilla Macaroons with Cookies and Cream Filling, drizzled with White Chocolate and topped with Chocolate Candy Eyes. Found in Disneyland on Main Street at the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe.

Autumn: "I have learned you cannot go wrong with a macaron at Disneyland. This macaron is no exception! It is deliciously sweet and the perfect Halloween treat in my book. Another must-have for me. 5/5"

Erik: "I've learned why people go crazy for Disneyland Macarons. The crust was light and crispy while the interior was a doughy delight. I absolutely loved the cookies and cream filling, it was dense, thick, and very, very sweet. For me, it was a perfect treat, but I could see someone with a low sugar tolerance being turned away from it. 5/5"

Graveyard Cupcake

A Halloween Time Special.
Chocolate Cupcake with Cherry Filling, Dark Chocolate Mousse, Halloween Sprinkles and a Tombstone Chocolate Piece. Found in Disneyland on Main Street at the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe.

Autumn: "I really enjoyed the cake part of this cupcake. It was just the right amount of chocolate, super moist and the mousse was the perfect touch. The cherry filling, however, was not my favorite... 3/5"

Erik: "The chocolate cake was good but, only as good as an average chocolate cake I would eat at any birthday party, almost like it was store-bought. The only thing that really made it stand out was the cherry filling, and I wish that it had more of it. 3/5"

Cruella De Vil Brownie

A Halloween Time Special.
Brownie with Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate Mousse and a Cruella De Vil Chocolate Piece. Found in Disneyland on Main Street at the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe. 

Autumn: "This was honestly just another brownie to me... It wasn't that special even with the different mousses. It was a fun treat but not my favorite. 2/5"

Erik: "The brownie tasted exactly how I like my brownies, thick, soft, and chocolatey. The mousses also struck a chord with me and I loved the huge amount I got on top. It isn't game-breaking by any means, but it will definitely satiate any chocolate lover's cravings. 4/5"

Mummy Donut

A Halloween Time Special.
A Croissant Donut filled with Peanut Butter and Jelly. Found in California Adventure in Hollywood Land at Schmoozies.

Autumn: "This donut is more fun in theory... A cronut stuffed with peanut butter and jelly and decorated to look like a mummy. Sounds fun right?  But the execution fell flat for me... It just tasted like an overly sweet peanut butter and jelly sandwich... 3/5"

Erik: "If there's one thing I know, it's donuts. I was looking forward to this one and was very disappointed. The bread was a croissant, but it didn't pass as a cronut either because it didn't even taste like it was deep-fried. If anything it just tasted like a large pb&j croissant with frosting on top. The filling was very inconsistent and I would often get globs of just jelly or just peanut butter. 2/5"

Maleficent Frappuccino

A Halloween Time Special.
Blueberry and Vanilla Bean Creme Frappuccino blended with Diced Dragon Fruit, topped with Matcha Tea Whipped Cream. Found in both parks! In Disneyland on Main Street at the Market House and in California Adventure on Buena Vista Street at Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe.

Autumn: "I was SO surprised by how much I enjoyed this! I am not a coffee fan so I was sure I would not like it but, it has a vanilla bean creme base instead of a coffee base! I am not sure if it is because I had such low expectations from it but it turned out to be one of my favorites! I wish I got one for myself! 5/5"

Erik: "The colors were really fun, it tasted good, and I felt hip drinking out of my Starbucks cup, doesn't get much better than that! This was an awesome drink that tasted fruity and unique. It was very refreshing, especially on a hot day. Not necessarily my favorite treat this trip, but certainly my favorite beverage. 5/5"

Green Apple Spell Lemonade

A Halloween Time Special.
Green Apple Lemonade with Cherry Popping Pearls. Found in California Adventure in Grizzly Peak at Smokejumpers Grill.

Autumn: "Another treat that looked more enjoyable than it tasted. The cherry drizzle gives it an eerie Halloween feel and the popping pearls are a fun addition but the drink fell flat in flavor. 2/5"

Erik: "This drink looks neat with the blood effect, but that's all it really had going for it. It tasted like it was made from a lemonade drink mix and I would have been just as happy buying a cup of lemonade at a stand run by a 10-year-old. 2/5"

Horchata Churro

A Halloween Time Special.
Horchata Churro with Condensed Milk. Found in California Adventure in Paradise Gardens at the Churro Cart near Goofy's Sky School.

Autumn: "This was my favorite churro of the trip! I felt that the churro itself had a good amount of flavor and the sweetened condensed milk was the frosting on the cake! So to speak. 4/5"

Erik: "Not a bad churro by any means, but only a little better than average. The condensed milk didn't add much to my horchata churro eating experience. I wish more of the horchata flavors came through as I'm usually a big fan of the stuff. 3/5"

"Spoke-y" Cone Macaron

A Halloween Time Special.
Filled with Marshmallow Buttercream and Candy Corn. Found in California Adventure in Cars Land at the Cozy Cone, Cone Number 4.

Autumn: "A Disney macaron. Those three words equal one thing. Pure deliciousness. I have never had a macaron at Disneyland that I didn't like. So, why did I go into this with hesitation? Oh, right... The candy corn! Even with that gross Halloween candy, this macaron was a home run! 4/5"

Erik: "As I stated earlier, I found that I love Disneyland macarons, and this was no exception. I'm a big fan of candy corn and this really hit the sweet spot. Again, it may be overly sweet for some. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the marshmallow buttercream, which tasted a little too buttery and didn't mix well with the candy pieces. 4/5"

The Wedding Cake

A Haunted Mansion 50th Special.
Buttercream Frosting, Cherries, Cream Cheese Filling, finished with a splatter of Cherry Sauce. Found in Disneyland in New Orleans Square at French Market Restaurant.

Autumn: "The cake itself had a lot less flavor than I was expecting. Not in a bad way! It reminded me of strawberry shortcake. The flavor comes mainly from the cherries and cream cheese filling. Not the best treat we ate but, it wasn't the worst. 3/5"

Erik: "I love the blood splatters on the cake, and I wish it had more of it. On the first bite, it tasted like a delicious cake but as I dived deeper into our slice all I could taste was the buttercream that coated my mouth and really ruined it for me. The cream cheese filling wasn't doing much for me either. It would have benefitted from more acidity of the cherry sauce but for the most part, it was just for decoration. You're best looking elsewhere for cake. 2/5"

Bride Churro

A Haunted Mansion 50th Special.
Elegantly dressed Churro in a bouquet of Vanilla and Sugar. Found in Disneyland in New Orleans Square at the Churro Cart across from the Haunted Mansion.

Autumn: "Not a bad churro but, nothing really set it apart. It was pretty vanilla. Get it? Because it's actually a vanilla-flavored churro? 3/5"

Erik: "Like the horchata churro, it was a middling treat. I wish that it had a little more flavor to it, or maybe it would have benefitted from some sort of dipping sauce. 3/5"

Groom Churro

A Haunted Mansion 50th Special.
Classic Churro dressed in a duo of Dark and Milk Chocolate. Found in Disneyland in Critter Country at the Churro Cart across from Splash Mountain.

Autumn: "The worst treat we tried at Disneyland by far. When I first bit into the churro it was so dry that I actually thought I bit into the wrapper. Nope! It was just the churro. The churro didn't really hold much flavor. Maybe I couldn't taste it because my tongue was coated in cocoa powder? Definitely skip this one. 1/5"

Erik: "I actually have the recipe for this one, simply dump 1/4 cup of baking cocoa in your mouth. Easily the worst thing I tried this trip and it was so dry it was difficult to finish. (Don't worry we still did because we are who we are...) Do yourself a favor and steer clear of this one. 1/5"

Just a quick recap!
Our Three Must-Haves: Professor Phineas Plump's Cure-All Fritters, Mummy Macaron and Maleficent Frappuccino.

All in all, we had an amazing time eating our way through Disneyland and enjoying some fun themed treats.
We would give the experience a 5/5!
Will you be visiting the parks this Halloweentime season?

All our love,
Autumn and Erik

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