Sunday, October 6, 2019

Halloween House Tour

Hey MTV, I'm Autumn Mineer and this is my crib!
While (finally) getting out the rest of our Halloween decorations last weekend I decided it would be fun to give a little Halloween house tour.
Erik and I both LOVE Halloween and as a result, our house gets a lot of love for the holiday.
The best part is that most of the decorations are cheap or we made them ourselves for cheap cause we be ballin' on a budget over here!


One of my favorites parts of our whole house.
Our hitchhiking ghosts are chilling on the front lawn.
We made them last year and they are easily my favorite decoration.
Find the tutorial here!

Our porch is encased in a fake spider web, decorated with plastic spiders.

On the roof, our trusty spider Harry guards his web below.

On the front door, we have a wooden sign that says BOO. I DIY'd it with my besties a few years ago.

Beneath, our cute hello pumpkin doormat that I made last year surrounded by real squash that will be joined by our pumpkins later this month.
Tutorial for the doormat here!


To keep with the spider theme from our porch the back of our front door is covered in spiders!

It looks like they are sneaking in from the top left corner!
I made these years ago with a bag of plastic spiders ($1), magnetic strip ($4) and hot glue.

Our entryway table is decorated in the classic Halloween color scheme of orange, black and white.

On the left, a cauldron to hold our keys (Target value section, old), next to it a glittery orange pumpkin (Target value section, old), in the middle a fun framed Macbeth print (Pinterest), to the left our boy Ichabod Toad (similar) and my orange Scentsy holder gifted to me from my aunt for our wedding.

Underneath we have two baskets, the one on the left is filled with fake pumpkins (Target value section, old) and a plaid throw blanket.
The basket on the right is filled with additional fake pumpkins.

Living Room

Our living room is what we refer to as our "fancy room."
The Halloween decor is a little more subtle here.

Our bookshelf has a skull (Target, old) and potion bottles (similar) added to it.

I also move my Michael Jackson Thriller vinyl album (similar) to the front of my collection.

The coffee table in the middle of the room has a pumpkin (Target value section, old), candy tray (gifted) and purple flowers (Walmart, old) added to it.


Almost every room in our house has open shelving in it because it is so easy to update for the holidays (or anytime!)

The shelves in the kitchen have a black clamp jar (Target dollar section, old) filled with candy corn and candy pumpkins and a little witch hat (gifted) added.

On the counter, we have a glass beaker and flasks along with a sprinkle potion set (gifted).
They seemed fitting for the kitchen.

The oven has two Halloween tea towels (gifted) added to it.

Our candy bowl Eye-saac sits in the middle of the dining room table filled with treats.

Family Room

The family room has my second favorite decoration in it.
Our bat wall!

We created it last year and it's displayed over our TV stand.
It makes movie nights so much fun!
Find the tutorial here!

The family room also holds another set of open shelves. 

 A skull and Frankenstein (gifted) were added.

Over the couches, we have two picture ledges that I slip a few things onto.

The glittery number 31 that I made with my sister a few years ago, a witch parking sign (gifted) and a Halloween print (Pinterest).

I absolutely love decorating for Halloween!
Each year we try to buy at least one new decoration for the house.
We have been wanting to add a fog machine to our collection for a while and I think we will grab one on sale after Halloween this year!
How do you decorate your house for Halloween?

All my love.

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