Sunday, August 25, 2019

DIY Office Supplies Updates

Hello everyone!
It's officially back to school season.
I have always had a love for school supplies.
I know that sounds weird but, there's nothing like fresh markers, crisp notebooks, and sharp pencils to me.
I stopped going to school a while ago...
But my love for school supplies has not faltered.
I updated a few items in my office and thought they would be perfect for all of your new school supplies as well. 

Tassel Paperclips

You will need:
Large Paperclips

Determine the length you want your tassels to be.
I wanted my yarn tassels to be 4 inches long.
Since we are "folding" the yarn in half, you will want to double it.
I cut 8-inch yarn pieces. 
Cut as many pieces of yarn as desired.
The more yarn, the fuller your tassel will be and vice versa.
I did 15 pieces of yarn each.
Line your yarn up end to end evenly.

Place the yarn through the end of the paperclip and "fold" in half.

With another piece of string, tie around all of the yarn near the paperclip to create a tassel.

Trim the ends of the yarn evenly if needed.

Heart Paperclips

You will need:
Metal Paperclips

This one is so easy!
The only thing you need is paperclips and some elbow grease.
Start by holding the paperclip in the center with the long side facing down.

Gently bend the right side of the paperclip up.

Flip the right pointed end of the bent side of the paperclip up to the left-center.

Reshape if needed.
Repeat on the remaining paperclips.

Shaped Post It Notes

You will need:
Post It Notes

Freehand (or trace!)  your desired design onto the top Post It Note.
Make sure you are including a good portion of the top of the Post It in your design so that you will keep its stickiness.
I drew a fox, a cactus and a mermaid tail.

Once you have your design drawn, cut out along the lines with your scissors.
I had to break the Post It Note pad into sections as my scissors were not strong enough to cut through an entire stack. 
I broke the pad into stacks of 5 Post It Notes.
You could do this as well or create several different designs with each note pad.
It's up to you!
Once you have all of your Post It Notes cut out, stack them on top of one another to recreate the pad.

Pom-Pom Binder Clips

You will need:
Pom Poms
Binder Clips
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks

Separate the handles of the binder clip.
Add a small dot of glue to one of the handles and immediately add your choice of Pom Pom on top.
Hold in place for ten seconds.
Repeat on the rest of the binder clips.

Washi Tape Binder Clips

You will need:
Washi Tape
Binder Clips

Place a piece of washi tape on the base of the binder clip.
Cut off the excess tape. 
Repeat on the opposite side.
Repeat on the rest of the binder clips.

All of these DIY's are so quick and easy to do but add such a fun twist to your ordinary office supplies.
I love the pop of color it added to my desk!
Which DIY was your fav?

All my love,

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