Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Life Update Via My Camera Roll

Hello everyone!
The past week Erik and I didn't get around to doing much...
I was sick last week and then we spent the majority of the weekend working, working, working so we can play next weekend.
Since I don't have any "event" to share this Monday I thought that I would show you what we have been up to in our daily lives by sharing what's on my camera roll lately.
So, here we go. 

Halloween Costumes

We have been slowly gathering pieces for our Halloween Costumes this year!
We love Halloween and usually try to keep our costumes a secret until the big day.
We are going to Disneyland for our Anniversary in September and will be attending Oogie Boogie's Bash so our costumes will be making their debut a little early.
We are usually very last minute when it comes to our Halloween Costumes.
I'm talking the day before but, this year we will be ahead since we leave in just a few weeks!
I am really excited for our costumes this year.
We have had the idea for a while and with wearing them in Disneyland it seemed like the right time.
Any guesses?

Bando's Warehouse Sale

Every year Bando has a Warehouse Sale and I am always so tempted to buy something.
Especially their goody bags!
The goody bags are filled with $75 worth of product but you only pay $25.
You don't get to know what's inside, it's all a surprise.
They usually sell out very quickly.
I just happened to hop on Instagram right when they announced that the sale was live.
I saw that they had goody bags left and wanted to snatch one up so bad!
It was later at night and late-night shopping gets me...
And with Erik their encouraging me to grab one and the fact that I had a coupon, I did it...
It arrived about a week later and contained so many fun goodies!
Some were travel-related and I am so excited to use them for our trip to Disneyland!

Sweet Surprises

Erik is the sweetest husband in the world.
He is always looking for ways to serve and spoil me. 
As I mentioned I was sick last week.
On my day off he surprised me with the most gorgeous hot pink roses and a bag of popsicles for my sore throat.
Popsicles are life when I am sick.
The roses have since bloomed and are SO gorgeous.
I am so grateful for Erik and all he does for me.

Taylor Swift's New Album

Taylor Swift dropped her new album last weekend.
I have been a huge "Swiftie" for years. 
I was a little hesitant about this album.
Some of the songs she released beforehand weren't my favorite and I was sure nothing could live up to her Reputation album for me. 
I grabbed the Deluxe Album at Target over the weekend and have now listened to it several times.
And I am happy to report I am a fan of it!
It reminded me how talented she is as a writer.
There are so many fun songs that have me dancing and others leave me in the fetus position on the floor.
Also, can we talk about her random use of the saxophone in the song False God?
I was not expecting that!
I absolutely loved it and all the other sounds she incorporated into the album. 

There's just a little update of our life.
Nothing too exciting.
We are saving all of our energy and money for Disneyland.
Only two weeks away!
What's been going on in your life lately?

All my love,

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