Sunday, May 12, 2019

DIY Chalkboard Globe

Hello everyone!
As I mentioned, Erik recently had his graduation ceremony.
To celebrate I wanted to throw him a little get together with family and friends.
I always like the idea of having something for everyone who attends the event to sign.
It's a nice way to look back and see who came to show you their love and support.
I wanted the item to be something that Erik could display and use for decoration afterward.
I thought a globe would be a good scholarly accessory.
I wanted the globe to be more modern and sleek for a professional look.
I thought a chalkboard globe would be the way to go.
I couldn't find a globe that I loved or that didn't break the bank so, I decided to make my own!

You will need:
A Globe
Chalkboard Paint
A Sponge Brush
Chalkboard Markers, Optional

First things first you will need a globe.
I figured I could find one at my local thrift store or online and give it a makeover.
It took a little longer than planned but we found a gorgeous vintage globe for sale online.
I wanted the globe's stand to be gold as a nice contrast against the black chalkboard.
I had originally planned on having to spray paint it to match my vision but this globe's stand just happened to be gold already!
It was the perfect score.

Give your globe a quick cleaning with a damp rag to remove dust and other unknown substances.
With your sponge brush, apply a thin layer of chalkboard paint horizontally around the entire globe.
Don't worry if the globes original colors still peek through. 
Allow to dry for 1 hour.
Apply another thin layer of chalkboard paint vertically around the entire globe.
Allow to dry for 1 hour.
I had one or two spots that still showed through after my second coat so, I did one more light coat around the globe horizontally for better coverage.
If your globe has the coverage you desire, feel free to skip the third coat.
Allow the globe to dry for 24 hours.

Once dry, take a piece of chalk, turn it on its side and rub over the globe to prime it.
It is important to prime the globe so that if you make any mistakes you can erase them.
If you do not prime it, every mark you make will be permanent. 
Wipe with a dry paper towel to remove excess chalk dust.

We put our globe out on the welcome table at Erik's event for guests to write on.
I left out chalkboard markers in a jar for the guests to use. 
I like to use chalkboard markers to write on chalkboard as they have better control and are easier to read. 
Feel free to use regular chalk if you prefer.
Everyone who attended signed the globe and it was so sweet to see their messages.
I love that we have everyone's handwriting from this moment in time saved.
It makes my heart so happy to see my grandpa's scrawl and my cute nephew and niece's childish writing on the globe.
I know that it is something we will treasure for a very long time. 

Now Erik has a new item to decorate his office with, whether it's here at home or at a new job. (Fingers crossed!)
Either way, he will have a piece of his friends and family to keep around and remind him of their support. 
What have you used for guests to sign at your events?

All my love,

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