Monday, May 6, 2019

Our Journey To Graduation

Hello everyone!
We attended Erik's graduation ceremony last Thursday.
He graduated in December and received his diploma in the mail shortly after.
Even though his diploma was already framed and on the wall, I wanted him to attend the commencement ceremony. 
It was a long, hard road to graduation and I felt he deserved to be recognized. 
I also wanted to hear his name called and see him walk across the stage.
After a little arm twisting, I convinced him to attend.
Erik took the day off of work, we went to breakfast, did a little shopping and then got ready for the ceremony.
It started at six which I thought was a little weird...
All the other college graduations I had attended were during the day and how were they going to read 8,500 names without keeping us there to till midnight?
I figured they knew what they were doing and didn't worry about it too much.
My parents and Erik's Mom met me at the stadium and we tried to spot Erik in the huge crowd.
During the ceremony, they announced this would be the first year they would not be handing out individual diplomas.
That was literally the only reason we were there...
They had everyone in each field stand up and we clapped for them as a group.
I felt so bad...
I had made Erik attend the ceremony specifically to walk.
I had wasted my parents time.
We sat for two and a half hours listening to the University recognize the staff.
It was a little frustrating...
In all honesty, they probably let graduates know this beforehand but Erik hadn't been on campus for six months.
How were we to know?
Even though it wasn't the experience I was hoping for I am glad that Erik attended a graduation type event.
It was also very inspiring to hear the speakers and their stories.
As I have mentioned before Erik's college experience wasn't exactly what we had planned on.
We thought it would take him four years to get his bachelor's degree, instead it took six.
There were a lot of long nights away from each other, a lot of weekends full of homework and a lot of setbacks.
Hearing other people's journeys and the obstacles they had to overcome reminded me how different everyone's journey is.
We are made to believe that there is a right way to do something and if we don't follow that path exactly we must be doing something wrong.
But that is not true!
Every person's experience is unique and is the right way for them.
I believe that is true in every aspect of life.
What is right for some won't be right for other's and that's okay.
You do you.
Follow your path and it will lead you to where you need to go.
Even if takes you longer than expected.

All my love,

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