Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Fourteen Days Of Valentine's | 2019

Hello everyone!
If you did not know, each year I do the Fourteen Days of Valentines, a present each day from February 1st to February 14th, for Erik.
I have done this each year since we have been married.
Last year was the fifth year and I thought it would be a good stopping point and allow me to try something new.
I mentioned this to Erik a few weeks ago and he was pretty bummed out.
A lot more than I expected...
I always said I would continue to do it if I could find new treats and new sayings so, here we are with another Fourteen Days of Valentine's.
Lucky for me Erik isn't a picky eater and is always finding new things he likes.
I missed putting a few years on the blog but, check out 2015, 2017 and 2018 here.

Almond Joy
It is a "joy" being your wife!

Razor Heads
You are "sharp!"

I "melt" in your hands!

Nacho Cheese Dorito's 
You are "nacho" average husband!

Apple Slicer
Anyway you "slice" it, you are the best!

Barbecue Sauce
You are awesome "sauce!"

Coffee Grounds
Where you "bean" all my life?

Outshine Bars
You are one "cool" guy!

You can do any frozen treat for this one. 

Star Wars Lego Set
"Yoda" one for me!

You could do any Lego set and say we "click" or  never "Lego."
I just can't pass up a good Star Wars pun...

Torani Cherry Syrup
I love you "cherry" much!

Erik loves to add this to his drinks at the gas station so, I thought he would like having some at home.
I found it on Amazon

S'mores Cereal
I love you "S'more" than anything!

Any S'more related treat would work for this one as well.
Erik is a fan of S'more cereal. 

Coke Zero
I would  be "nothing" without you!

Donut Pans
You drive me "glazy!"

I did a donut pun a few years ago with a bag of donuts that said, "Donut" know what I would do without you!
Since this wasn't edible and I used a different pun I am saying it doesn't count as a repeat.

Nike Running Shoes
Are your "feet" tired? 
Cause you've been "running" through my mind all day!

I am very excited to start gifting these to Erik.
It makes me so happy to be able to show him some love with a little goodie for fourteen days in a row.
Also, I am a huge fan of puns...
What has been your favorite Valentine pun?

All my love,

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