Sunday, January 29, 2017

Fourteen Days of Valentine's | 2017

Hello everyone!
Every year since Erik and I have been married I have done the Fourteen Days of Valentine's for him.
I always think that I won't be able to find any new sayings for the next year but I am proud to say that this will be the fourth year and no repeats!
As long as I can find new sayings for different treats he likes I will keep doing it.
Here is what I came up with for 2017.

Day 1
I like the way you "roll!"

Day 2
Have I told you "reesently" that I love you?

Day 3
You're my "butter" half!

Day 4
Kit Kat
You're the "Kat's" pajamas!

Day 5
Gobstopper Jawbreakers
You're "jawbreaking!"

Day 6
I hope your Valentine's is a real "whopper!"

Day 7
You're the "highlight" of my life!

Day 8 
Sour Patch Watermelons
You're one in a "melon!"

Day 9
Sonic Amiibo
You make my heart beat "fast!"

Day 10
Mini Powdered Donuts
I "donut" know what I would do without you!

Day 11
Flamin' Hot Cheetoes
Hey "hot" stuff!

Day 12
A&W Root Beer
You're "AW"some!

Day 13
White Cheddar Boom Chicka Pop
I don't mean to sound "corny" but I love you!

Day 14
Red Baseball Tee
You're in a "league" all your own!

I always try to mix it up with treats, toys and things he will use on a day to day basis.
What do you like to do for your special someone on Valentine's?

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