Monday, February 2, 2015

Fourteen Days Of Valentine's

Hello everyone and hello February!
Valentine's Day is almost among us so I thought I would share what I am doing for Erik this year.
Last year I did the fourteen days of Valentine's for him and it was so fun!
Each day I left out a toy or treat that he liked with a cute little saying.
I liked it so much I thought why not do it again this year?

Here are the things I chose:

Day 1 Burt's Bees Lip Balm
You're the "balm."

Day 2 Stride Gum
"Blowing" kisses your way.

Day 3 Straws
"Sip Sip" Hooray it's almost Valentine's Day!

Day 4 Reese's Pieces
I love you to "pieces."

Day 5 Swedish Fish
You have o"fish"ally stolen my heart.

Day 6 Junior Mints
We are "mint" to be.

Day 7 Peanuts
I'm "nuts" about you.

Day 8 Lindt Truffles
You're a real "treat" Valentine.

Day 9 Banana Slurpee
I'm "bananas" for you.

Day 10 Magic Grow Dinosaurs
You're "dino" mite.

Day 11 Socks
We make a great "pair."

Day 12 Diet Mountain Dew
You're "soda" amazing.

Day 13 Treat Tackle Box
I'm "hooked" on you.

Day 14 Simpson's Season One
You're the "Homer" to my "Marge."

I think this is such a fun gift because you can really personalize it for your Valentine.
You can think of a cheesy phrase for almost anything!
What are you getting for your loved ones this year? 

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