Monday, June 11, 2018

My Monday | Be Present

Hello everyone!
I have an unpopular opinion to share.
I hate cell phones...
Okay, maybe hate is too harsh of a word.
I strongly dislike cell phones.
I do not like the constant distraction they provide.
I do not like the fact that I can be found anytime, anywhere.
I do not like that they are a priority in many peoples lives.
Because I am not a huge fan of cell phones it is easy for me to distance myself from my phone.
Ninety percent of the time I can never remember where I left it and I think that is my brain subconsciously helping me out.
Lately I have noticed more and more how addicted people are to their cell phones.
We will be in the middle of a conversation and they will pick up their phone and start scrolling through Instagram.
What's that about?
We will make plans to go out and everyone will sit on their phones and not talk or even look at each other.
Sorry, but I am giving up my time to be here and would like to not waste it.
I'm not saying I have never been guilty of this, but recently I have been making an effort to put my phone aside and be present.

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This past weekend Erik and I took a little mini vacation and we decided to make it a cell phone free zone.
No texts, no phone calls, no social media. 
It was so nice to be present with each other. 
To not have to worry about every phone call or text.
To have a conversation with no distractions.
I wish we could go on without our phones everyday but nowadays they are a necessity.
I have been making a conscious effort to put my phone down and focus on what's happening around me. 
In the future I hope to set aside an hour each night where Erik and I turn off our phones and are present with each other.
I challenge you to get off your phone and connect with those around you.
It is a much needed breathe of fresh air. 

All my love,

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