Sunday, June 17, 2018

Wallet Gift Card Holder | Father's Day 2018

Hello everyone!
Happy Father's Day!
I'll be honest, when it comes to boys I am clueless with gifts.
I usually get them food or a gift card.
And usually the gift card is for food... 
This year it's time for a gift card, but I thought I'd dress it up a little with these super cute wallet gift card holders.

You will need:
Pens, Optional
Gift Card

Start with your choice of colored card stock.
Cut into a 10" X 7 and 1/4" piece for the wallet base. 
Fold the 10" side in half.
Fold the 7 and 1/4 " side 4 and 1/4" from the top, this will create a pocket.
Glue the bottom and sides of the pocket down.
Don't glue down the middle or top!
We want to leave that open so we can slip something inside.
To create the round edges I used scissors and cut around the four edges of the wallet. 
You can leave them pointed if you prefer.
Using a fine tipped pen I created a border of straight lines around the edges of the wallets to make it look stitched.
This is optional!
If you don't feel like drawing hundreds of lines, don't.

To create the picture frame cut a scrap of card stock into a 4 and 1/4" X 2 and 1/2" piece.
One piece of 12" X 12" card stock will provide you with enough paper for the wallet, frame and gift card pocket.
Feel free to use another type or color of card stock if you desire.
Gently fold the picture frame paper in half so it will not crease and cut a slit in the center of the paper. This will allow you to create the frame's border. 
From the slit cut a border for your picture.
I did a simple straight border 1/2 an inch away from the edge.
Glue the bottom and side of the frame to the left side of the wallet.
Don't glue the top!
We need to leave it open so we can place our pictures inside.

To create the gift card pocket cut a scrap of card stock into a 4 and 1/4" X 2" piece.
Glue the bottom and sides to the right side of the wallet.
Once again, make sure not to glue the top so we can slide the gift card in.

To create the card, cut a new piece of card stock into a 3 and 1/4" X 9" piece. 
I wanted it to look like money as it will be in the typical place of a money slot, so I used a piece of green card stock. 
On it I wrote "You are one in a million!" and decorated it to look like cash.
I can never resist a good pun...
You can specialize the card to your preference.

Place the card in the large top pocket.
Place your picture in the picture frame.
I placed a picture of the receivers children.
It is Father's Day after all. 
Place the gift card in the gift card pocket. 
All done!

These turned out so cute and made an otherwise plain gift fun.
Plus, they take no time at all.
Even if you draw hundreds of lines. 😉

What are you giving out for Father's Day this year?

All my love,

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