Monday, June 4, 2018

My Monday | More Kindness, Less Judgment

Hello everyone!
I have a question for you, why are we so mean to each other?
Why is it in our nature to tear others down?
I try really hard to not judge others and to see from everyone's point of view.
But I am not immune from bad thoughts.
The other day I went to Costco for gas after a long day, ready to get home.
I pulled up behind a brand new black Audi that seemed to be finishing up.
They were sitting there with their door open, no longer using the pump.
Several minutes passed and I was loosing my patience and a large line had formed behind me.
Finally a young woman around 22 stepped out of the car and proceeded to start pumping her gas.
I was so ticked...
My thoughts immediately went south.
"She just wasted all of our time."
"Look who's playing grown up."
"There is no way she pays for that car by herself, let alone a Costco membership."
Why did my brain automatically go there?
After a few minutes of this negative dialogue I realized how petty I was being.
"What good are these thoughts doing?" I asked myself.
I forced my brain to switch gears and made myself think better thoughts.

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It's so easy for us to think badly of others.
The only way we are going to stop this bad habit is if we make ourselves replace negative thoughts with positive ones.
I challenge you to hold yourself accountable.
When those bad thoughts creep in, notice and switch directions.
It will be difficult at first but soon it will become routine practice and hopefully a permanent habit. 
And once we have mastered this habit I know we will be more kind.

All my love,

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