Sunday, February 25, 2018

Disneyland Gift

Hello everyone!
My friend and I are heading to Disneyland tomorrow morning to celebrate my 25th birthday.
I am so excited!
As you know I love to give gifts, so to celebrate I got her a little something.

I used:
Glitter Drink Tumbler
Crinkle Paper
Disney Princess Socks
Mouse Shaped Card Holder
Minnie Mouse Lip Balm
Hand Sanitizer
Washi Tape

I thought all of these items would come in handy for our trip.

The tumbler she can fill and use for the park or just in our hotel room.

I am a firm believer that any day is better with a pair of festive socks.
I got her a princess for each day we are at the park.

The mouse card holder is a lanyard she can keep her license, debit card and park ticket in while keeping her hands free.

My lips tend to get chapped after all the eating and wind from the rides and this Minnie Mouse balm was too cute to pass on!

Hand sanitizer is always a good idea.
Hurry and squeeze some on before meals or snacking.

After all that eating you are bound to need some gum to freshen your breathe.

The chocolate is for the plane rides or for a late night hotel snack.

I placed the crinkle paper at the bottom of the tumbler and added the rest of the items in.

To create more room I taped the straw to the outside of the tumbler with washi tape. 
I was not able to fit all the socks but got one pair in so she got the idea and gave the rest of them to her separately.
I am so excited for our Disneyland trip!
What are your must have items for the park?

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