Monday, July 6, 2020

Ziggy's First Birthday

Hello everyone!
Last weekend we celebrated our dog Ziggy's first birthday!
As you probably remember from our first puppy Scout, we LOVE to throw themed parties for our pups.
For Ziggy's first birthday we decided to go with a space theme.
He is Ziggy STARdog after all...

I used a black table cloth as a backdrop and set up our banquet table in front of it with a navy tablecloth on top.

On the left side of the table, we placed Ziggy's presents dressed up in dark colors and metallics.

In the middle, his birthday cake.

I displayed it on a silver cake stand to give it an industrial feel and topped it with a number 1 and a few star candles.

In front of the cake, gold plates, and napkins to help us serve. 

On the right side of the table, we have a few random items from around the house that I felt were "spacey."

A gold geometric sculpture, some decorative geodes for moon rocks, and our Google speaker.
I thought it looked like a space communication device?

To the left of the banquet table, we had our letterboard surrounded by a few gold stars.

It read:
Blast off! 
With one spelled out as it is his first birthday.

The thing I was most satisfied with was my balloon garland.
This was the first thing I envisioned when we started planning his birthday.
I placed it above the right side of the table.

I stayed with my deep space colors of black and blue.

To make it feel more space like I added a few star cutouts, 
some metallic accents, star balloons, a moon balloon,

 and I turned one of the balloons into a planet.

This bad boy did not want to stay up but with some persistence (lots of tape and thumbtacks) we got it up for good.

We spent the day opening presents, eating cake and playing at the park.
I think that Ziggy really enjoyed his first birthday.
His tail wouldn't stop wagging and he crashed hard at the end of the day.
I can't wait until he experiences his first Christmas with us.
I think he's gonna love it!
Do you celebrate your furry friends birthdays?

All my love,

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