Friday, February 24, 2017

Scout's Third Birthday

Hello everyone!
You've probably figured out by now that Erik and I are crazy dog people...
We love to spoil Scout. 
Especially on his birthday!
Scout turned three this year which is twenty one in dog years.
So of course we had to have a casino themed party!
I created a backdrop out of a green tablecloth and a few sting decorations.
In front of the backdrop I set up our banquet table and topped it with a black tablecloth.

I displayed Scout's birthday cake and presents on top.

Above the table I hung a tassel banner and added a twenty and one balloon.

For our dining table I added a round green tablecloth to make it look like a game table.
In the center I added poker chips and some dog milk bones to replicate the dogs playing poker paintings.

We even had doggy cocktails!

I used a large plastic martini glass and filled it with water.
I added the milk bone for decoration.
Scout actually drank out of it and it made my day!
There you have it.
Scout's third (21st) birthday party!
Do you celebrate your furry friends birthdays?

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