Sunday, June 14, 2020

DIY Metallic Mountain Wood Cut Out

Hello everyone!
Summer is finally here and for us, that means cabin season.
Erik and I were both lucky enough to grow up with grandparents who own cabins.
Both of our family cabins are still around and in the summer we try to get up to them as much as possible.
I have been slowly adding a few of my own touches to my family cabin over the years.
I found a wood mountain cut out at Michael's and decided to dress it up for my next piece of cabin decor.

You will need:
A Wood Cut Out, Any Shape Works!
Mod Podge
Metal Leaf

Paint the wood your desired color.
I couldn't decide between a navy mountain or an olive mountain so, I went with both!
I painted one side navy and the other side olive.
That way I can use it with different decor over the years.

Let the paint dry.
Apply additional coats if needed, I did three.
Once the paint is completely dry, start to apply your metal leaf.
I used silver leaf for the navy mountain and gold leaf for the olive mountain.
The instructions my metal leaf came with said to use a special adhesive specifically for metal leaf but I didn't want to spend more money so, I went with Mod Podge since I had it on hand. 
Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the area you want your metal leaf.
I found it was best to work in small sections.
Immediately apply the metal leaf onto the Mod Podge and using the backing paper gently rub onto the wood.

Once the metal leaf is secure carefully remove the backing paper.
Repeat until you have the metal leaf in all of your desired places.
I kept mine on the peaks of the mountain.

Use a soft brush to remove excess metal leaf.
Apply another thin layer of Mod Podge on top of the metal leaf to secure into place.
Let dry.

I am very excited to take this up to my family's cabin this year.
The metallic accents will add a little glamour to our rustic cabin.
Which is just the way I like it. 😉
What color do you prefer?

Or olive?

All my love, 

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