Sunday, February 16, 2020

27 Things About Me

Hello everyone!
I am turning 27 next week and thought it would be fun to share 27 random facts about me in honor of my birthday.
I made a video when I was 25, sharing 25 things about me but, kind of kept it a secret...
You can find it on my about me page on this blog, or you can keep reading for those facts plus 2 more!

1. I left the hospital without a name. 
My parents had a hard time thinking of a name for me so, they just called me "baby" or "the baby" for two weeks before finally deciding on Autumn.

2. I was going to be named Hailey or Ariel. 
I have two older sisters with "H" names so they decided against Hailey. 
The Little Mermaid came out a few years before I was born and they were afraid that I would get made fun of if they named me Ariel so, they named me after a season instead?

3. My middle name is Amelia. 
When I was younger I convinced myself I was named after Amelia Earhart and became fascinated with her.
Still am to this day. 
I was actually named after my great grandmother.

4. I am a Pisces.
And proud of it!
I was born February 26th and the description of a Pisces is me to a T!

5. I am the youngest in my family.
I have three older sisters.

6. I do not look like my sisters. 
They have bright blonde hair and fair skin.
I have dark blonde hair and olive skin.
They use to tell me I was adopted and I believed them...

7. I am 26 soon to be 27!
26 was my golden birthday and I have been living up my golden year for sure.
8. I am married to my high school sweetheart.
We will be married for 7 years in September!
And we will have been together for 12 years in December.
Not including 3 hot and heavy months in the 8th grade.

9. Growing up I wanted to be a teacher.
I went to college for a hot second and studied Elementary Education before we got married.

10. I am obsessed with school supplies. 
Pens, markers, folders.
I hoard them all...

11. E.T. TERRIFIED me growing up. 
My sister and I both have very vivid dreams we remember from our childhood where he hurt us.
I did not see the full movie until I was 15.

12. I am not a fan of red meat. 
Or pork even. 
I don't enjoy the taste.
Only turkey and chicken for me and even that is sparingly.

13. I was bitten by a dog on the cheek when I was younger and had to get stitches.

14. I am still a HUGE dog person.
Dogs are the best and we don't deserve them.

15. I was obsessed with Dalmations when I was younger.
Dalmation sheets, pillows, toys, clothes.
You name it.
I had it. 

16. I have a hard time pronouncing words that end in "ng." 
Such as sing or song.
 I went to speech therapy for a day but because I could pronounce words like log and frog they thought I was fine. 
So, speech impediment it is!

17. I have OCD tendencies.
I have not been officially diagnosed but they are definitely there...
Things HAVE to be organized. 
I am constantly counting in my head and I even have to touch things a certain amount of times...

18. I LOVE to organize! 
The Container Store is my idea of heaven.
I am constantly thinking of new ways I can organize our house.

19. I am afraid of killer whales... 
Not all whales.
 Just killer whales. 
They are stealthy, vicious and unnecessarily cruel.
I don't like them...

20. I am a savory person. 
Give me popcorn, fries and chips over sweets any day. 

21. I fell out of a two-story window when I was around 2 years old.
I landed on my family's van in the driveway and it is the reason I am alive today. 

22. I am crazy about Christmas! 
Christmas goes up in our house on November 1st and I start listening to Christmas music in July. 
I love the lights, the sounds, the smells!

23. I love 90's R&B.
It's my jam.
One of my favorite things is to blast it while deep cleaning the house. 

24. I love, love, LOVE Disney. 
I have a ton of random Disney knowledge taking up a large portion of my brain.  
I'm always talking about Disneyland food, speaking in Disney quotes or planning my next trip to Disneyland.
I hope to travel to all of the Disney Resorts one day.

25. I have 3/4th's of the Bare Naked Ladies song One Week memorized.
While planning our wedding, whenever Erik and I would get overwhelmed we would decompress by memorizing One Week line by line.
We never finished but, got 3/4th's of the way and can still sing every word!

26. I am an Enneagram type 2 and 5.
I scored evenly for both.
I have never felt so attacked than when I was reading the description for a Type 2.
It me...

27. I have been blogging for almost 10 years.
I started while in high school, blogging my silly antics with friends then transferred to this blog when I got married.
It was about our life at first and then I started sharing all of my crafts, baked goods and DIYs.

There you have it.
27 random facts about me.
I think you know me pretty well by now.
So, tell me...
What are some random facts about you?

All my love, 

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