Monday, March 4, 2019

The Best Birthday I Have Ever Had

Hello everyone!
I turned 26 last week and it was hands down the best birthday I have ever had.
Erik and I spent the night at my favorite hotel, the Grand America.
It is a luxurious hotel in Downtown Salt Lake City.
Since it tends to run on the more expensive side, Erik and I stay here only on special occasions.
I thought my golden birthday was reason enough.

The minute you enter the Grand America you are surrounded by gorgeous scenery.
The lobby is decorated with several crystal chandeliers, marble and fresh florals.

And they always have fresh cookies and citrus flavored water on hand.
I think that might be Erik's favorite part.

When we checked in, they informed us we were staying on the 23rd floor. 
I knew it was a higher floor, I just didn't know how high.
It was second from the top!
We have never stayed in a room that high before.
The window was arched, gorgeous and offered the most amazing view.

The rooms are exquisite.
They are covered in the most beautiful designs and patterns.
The carpet, bed and chairs are all so plush and comfy.

It wouldn't be a golden birthday without some gold decorations so, we brought a few to make it really feel like a party.

My favorite part of the rooms is definitely the bathrooms.
They are so spacious and covered in marble from floor to ceiling with gold accents.
I could spend our whole stay in the bathroom and be happy.

I like to spend as much time in the rooms as possible so, Erik and I ate in for dinner.
I love to order room service at the Grand America.
They cart in a little dinner table and set it up for you.
Erik asked them to put it next to the gorgeous arch window and we watched the sun set while we ate. 
It was magical.
The whole valley turned gold and then started to spark to life with lights until it all glittered. 
For dinner Erik tried his first lamb burger and I don't think he will ever be the same.
I have been instructed to see if I can find lamb the next time I go grocery shopping.

Since it was my birthday, the Grand America provided me with a complimentary cake.
It was a chocolate mouse cake with raspberries and it was delicious...
Also, everything on the cake was edible.
Including that cute little Happy Birthday sign!

As if spending the night at the Grand America wasn't celebration enough, we also went and saw Wicked at the Eccles Theatre.
I love the play Wicked and have been lucky enough to see it a few times.
When I saw it was going to be here on my birthday I knew we had to go.
Erik was kind enough to go along with my crazy plan.

We came back to the hotel and immediately changed into the comfy robes that are provided in each room.


Then we devoured my chocolate mousse cake while watching the Princes Diaries.
It was definitely a night all about me. 😂

The whole day was a dream and over much too soon...
I will be looking at these pictures and daydreaming about the Grand America and Wicked for the next several months.
What would your dream birthday consist of?

All my love,

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