Saturday, September 14, 2019

What's In My Work Out Bag

Hello everyone!
If you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen me with my Muzmm Backpack.
We received ours a few months ago and have loved taking it around with us.
I obviously enjoy taking it on vacations or weekend trips the most but, in all honesty, it has become my work out bag.
It's how I get the most use out of it!
So, I thought it would be fun to share with you all what I keep in my workout bag.

I am not a gym person...
 But, this year I have started to take exercise classes. 
I fell in love with cycling, started kickboxing again and I am hoping to try out High Fitness before the end of the year.
To make it to these classes I usually have to head straight from work so I keep my work out bag in my trunk.

Inside you will find:

Waterbottle: I bring my largest water bottle because ya gotta stay hydrated
Gum: I love to pop in a piece of gum before and after a workout to keep my mouth moist
Snacks: You can't work out on an empty stomach so, I keep some granola bars or rice cakes on hand


Headphones: Just in case
Boxing Gloves: For the kickboxing days


Hat: To hide the sweaty mess that is my hair afterward
Workout Outfit: Sports Bra, Top and Leggings
Jacket: Because the weather changes at the drop of a hat in Utah
Socks: Thick ones are a must
Shoes: Maximum support NEEDED

Personal Care

Hand Sanitizer: You are touching equipment that a lot of other sweaty people have touched, just saying...
Makeup Wipes: I never work out in makeup as it is so bad for your skin so, I quickly remove my make up before class with these
Hair Ties: Tie it back and if you have extras you are a hero to everyone
Deodorant: A fresh application never hurt anyone
 Body Spray: Helps a girl out...

I love the look of my bag (the Big Ash).
It's so simple and minimalistic.
But, Muzmm has all different colors and designs to match every personality.
They also come in two sizes
The best part?
You can wear it three ways!
As a backpack, duffel bag or shoulder bag.
I rock it as a shoulder bag when I take it to my exercise classes.
I love that it can be worn in so many different styles.
To get your own bag for 20% off use code autumn20 at
What do you keep in your work out bag?

All my love,

*This post is NOT sponsored. All product was purchased by me.*

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