Sunday, September 22, 2019

The Most Photogenic Walls In Disneyland

Hello everyone!
Erik and I just got back from our anniversary trip to Disneyland.
It was amazing!
Disneyland is one of the most photogenic places in my humble opinion...
Every wall is a different color or a different pattern.
While I was there I took some pictures to show you a few of my favorite walls in both Disneyland and California Adventure.
Here they are!

Small World Wall

This is one of the most popular walls at Disneyland.
It even has its own Instagram!
The light blue and white color scheme matches the exterior for It's A Small World ride (hence the name) and the whimsical shapes make it super fun!
It is located across the walkway from It's a Small World in Fantasyland in between the pretzel and popcorn cart.

Frontierland Wall

This is the perfect wall for a more natural background for your photos.
The brownish-red hue of the rocks is easy to pass up in real life but is the perfect subtle backdrop in photos.
It is located on the path between Frontierland and Fantasyland, right between the middle and left entrance to Galaxy's Edge.

Star Wars Wall

This is easily my favorite wall to take pictures in front of at Disneyland.
The stars add such a fun texture to the background of your photos.
I like to do a closeup shot and blur the background so that it almost looks like glitter.
You can find this wall at Star Wars Launch Bay in Tomorrowland. 
The attraction had actually closed for the day when we grabbed these shots.
We snuck over to the stairs located by the bathrooms near Autopia and were able to get pictures just fine.

Disney's California Adventure
Sky Wall

This is for all my ombre lovers!
This wall is called sky wall as it resembles the sky at sunrise or sunset.
It starts with light blue fades to yellow to pink to purple to dark blue.
It is simply gorgeous!
You can find it to the left or right side of the Hollywood Backlot Wall in Hollywood Land.
Just a heads up, the left side has character meetings for a good portion of the day and the right side gets busier before Frozen showtimes as it's where the line starts.
Later in the day is your best option for this wall.

Blue Wall

This wall is a fan favorite because it is the perfect shade of blue.
It also has its own Instagram!
It's definitely one of my favorites because yo girl loves blue.
You can find this behind Mickey's Philarmagic in Hollywood Land, located next to the exit doors.

Poultry Palace

This is one of the most random walls at the parks.
Mainly because it's located on the side of a restaurant and only one wall is painted this way.
Its bright colors and abstract shapes make it so fun!
The wall is actually a picture of a giant chicken in knights armor but, if you get in close enough you get the fun design.
Poultry Palace is located on Pixar Pier across from Jessie's Critter Carasoul next to Senor Buzz Churros.
The west wall is the one you want.

I love Disneyland SO much!
I always take a million pictures to document our trips.
It's hard not to since Disneyland itself is so photogenic.
What did you think of this wall guide?
Would you want to see more?

All my love,

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