Monday, April 22, 2019

A Rainy Easter Weekend

Hello everyone!
I hope you all had a pleasant weekend.
Erik and I had a lot of fun enjoying some Easter traditions.
On Friday night we had a date night coloring Easter eggs.
Every year we color Easter eggs to leave for the Easter Bunny to hide.
The night before Easter we leave them out along with some carrots for the Easter Bunny.
This year we left some roasted carrots out in the hopes we could persuade the Easter Bunny to leave us really good items in our baskets.

I think it worked!
The Easter Bunny found us and brought us many goodies.
He must have gotten the memo that we are on a Harry Potter kick because he brought both of us something Harry Potter themed.
 Erik got the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook and I got Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
I am so excited to put both of them to use!
Erik and I love to bake together and baking a Harry Potter themed treat is right up our alley.
I also have not read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child yet.
Erik and I are almost done with the last Harry Potter book so it's perfect timing!

After we found all of our eggs and looked through our baskets we made breakfast.
We have made "bunny bum" pancakes every Easter morning since we have been married.
They are super easy to whip up.
Make one large round pancake and two small.
Place the small pancakes at the bottom of the large pancake and decorate with a sliced strawberry for the pad of the foot and three chocolate chips for the pads of the toes.
Add a dollop of whip cream to the middle of the large pancake and you've got yourself a bunny bum!

After breakfast we relaxed, digested and enjoyed what the Easter Bunny brought us. 
Then it was off to my parents house for dinner and an egg hunt.
We have had a lot of rain recently and my mom tried to plan the egg hunt around a break in the weather.
Unfortunately it started to pour the minute we started.
My family crammed under the patio umbrella hoping the rain would pass.
The kids would not let the weather stop them and found all of their eggs.

After the hunt, we enjoyed dinner with the family and then came back home to relax before the start of the work week.
All in all, not a bad Easter.
Even with a little rain.
How did you spend your Easter?

All my love,

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