Monday, February 18, 2019

My Valentine + Another Giveaway!

Hello everyone!
Last week was a long one for me.
It started with a mom hunting me down in a store on Monday and screaming at me for not accepting her son's apology after he ran into me, I hope you know me well enough to know that is not true, and ended with me waking up to an earthquake on Friday morning.
Halfway through the week I was feeling pretty overwhelmed.
I have mentioned previously that I have anxiety but I don't think I have mentioned that it keeps me from sleeping.
A get a few hours a night if I am lucky.
Wednesday evening I was feeling really down and facing a night of no sleep was something I was not looking forward to. 
Erik could tell something was wrong, so he asked what was bothering me.
I told him what was on my mind and he immediately leapt into action.
He got me my night time necessities, a nice cold glass of water and my heating pad.
He gave me a foot rub, stayed awake and talked with me until way past his bedtime.
We were laying in bed talking and I watched as the clock ticked past midnight turning into Valentine's Day and thought how lucky I was that he was my valentine.
I knew that Erik would give me an amazing Valentine's Day in a few hours but it couldn't compare to that moment.
Roses and chocolate are amazing gifts but, having him take care of my needs meant so much more.

I am so grateful for Erik and his patience.
He is an amazing man and I am very lucky that I was able to snatch him up.
If I could give you one piece of advice, it would be to marry someone like him.
I hope you all had an amazing Valentine's Day.
And here is to a better week!

All my love,

P.S. I am doing another giveaway on my Instagram!
Head on over here to enter to win a pair of Rose Gold Minnie Ears in honor of my golden birthday!

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