Saturday, February 16, 2019

A Golden Birthday Party

Hello everyone!
It's almost my birthday!
Erik and I were both born on the same day of the month.
The 26th.
I enjoy being born on the same day for a few reasons. 
It's easy to remember, it's a fun fact to share but, the best part is that we get to celebrate our golden birthdays just months apart!
A golden birthday is the birthday you turn the age of the day you were born.
For example, I am turning 26 on the 26th.
Which reminded me that I never shared Erik's golden birthday with you all!

The Decor:
Gold, gold and more gold.
You can never have too much gold when it comes to a golden birthday.
Go gold or go home! 

I started with two gold tablecloths.
One sequin and one metallic.
The sequin tablecloth was used as the tablecloth and the metallic tablecloth was used as the backdrop.
I have so many gold letter balloons, I figured a saying was needed.
I went with "Stay Golden."

Some other fun sayings:
"You're Gold"
"Golden Boy" or "Golden Girl"
"You're Golden"
"Solid Gold"
I taped the balloons directly to the metallic tablecloth.

To add texture I added a gold fringe banner and let it drape over some of the balloon letters.
I originally planned on hanging several banners but, they were all different shades and it didn't look quite right so, I settled for the tassel banner on it's own.

I also got a large gold 2 and 6 balloon because you gotta!

Gold is back baby!
I never thought I would have gold accents in my home but I can't get enough!
I used some of our gold home decor to ad shape.
Like this gold sea urchin thing.

And this gold geometric sculpture. 

Erik's favorite candy is Reese's.
The miniatures come wrapped in gold so, I placed some in an apothecary jar and added them as a decoration as well. 

The Cake:
The cake should be the birthday persons favorite, right?
Erik requested a chocolate and peanut butter cake that I decorated with peanut butter candy.

I added a few gold details to the outside.
Gold candles, gold sprinkles and flecks of edible gold foil.

The Music:
Each year Erik and I choose a song for our birthday.
It usually includes the number of the age we are turning.
We had a hard time finding one for 26...
Since it is our golden birthday, we figured a song about gold would work.
Erik requested Golden Years by David Bowie and I couldn't have been more proud.

"Golden" Songs:
David Bowie - Golden Years
Macklemore - Gold
Prince - Gold
Imagine Dragons - Gold
The Turtles - Glitter and Gold
The Black Keys - Gold On The Ceiling
The Kinks - Heart of Gold
Bruno Mars - 24K Magic
Thompson Twins - Fools Gold
Ben Harper - Gold To Me
Fleetwood Mac - Gold Dust Women
Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs - Gold Lion
Smash Mouth - All Star
CHVRCHES - Make Them Gold
Kanye West - Gold Digger
Gallant - Weight In Gold
MIKA - We Are Golden
Galantis - Gold Dust
Kiiara - Gold

The Gifts:
Erik didn't have any gold items in mind for his birthday but, I did make sure they were dressed for the part.

My sister's golden birthday was a few years ago and I shared this golden birthday idea.
It included several gold items, including a gold Made By Mary necklace.
A gold or rose gold piece of jewelry is the perfect gift for a golden birthday.
It's on my wish list for sure!

I am so excited to celebrate my golden birthday.
As you know I am big into celebrations and we are going BIG since it's my golden.
What did/would you do for your golden birthday?

All my love,

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