Tuesday, January 1, 2019

My Monday | Eat, Buy, Read, Try

Hello everyone!
Happy New Year!
This year I realized I struggle with focusing on where I currently am.
I like to focus on the future and this causes me to lose out on the present.
This is especially true for seasons.
When it's spring I am looking forward to summer
When it's summer I am looking forward to fall.
When it's fall I am looking forward to winter.
And so on.
To help me enjoy the present I started making a list for each season and focusing on what I could enjoy and accomplish in each one.

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I drew inspiration from the kids gift list of Want, Need, Wear, Read. 
And came up with Eat, Buy, Read, Try.
Eat because I love to eat seasonally.
Buy to encourage me to buy something for myself.
Either something I need or just to treat myself. 
Read because I love to read books but rarely do.
Try to encourage me to try something new.
It could be a new hair style, a new work out routine, a new fashion anything that caught my eye. 
I looked at trends and styles I was loving and added them to my lists.
Here are the things that I came up with for 2018.

Eat: Radishes
Buy: Jean Jacket
Read: Girlboss
Try: Half up hair

Eat: Artichokes
Buy: Romper
Read: Where Did You Go, Bernadette?
Try: Fishtail Braids

Eat: Pumpkin Seeds
Buy: Reader Glasses
Read: Whiskey In A Teacup
Try: Bubble Bar

Eat: Pomegranates
Buy: Velvet Top
Read: The Nightingale
Try: Red Eyeshadow

I loved having these lists to help me focus on the present.
And since each season is roughly three months long completing four things each wasn't unrealistic.
I will be honest I did not complete everything on all of these lists but it did push me to try new things and help me to enjoy the current season.
I am excited to implement this into the new year and hope to cross off many more things.
What would be on your list for the start of 2019?

All my love,

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