Monday, January 7, 2019

Mailtime | Thank You Cards

Hello everyone!
Happy first Monday of the year!
These last few years, I have done a theme for Monday posts.
We did Makeover Monday where I showed you some of the upgrades we made around the house and the designs we were planning for the future.
And then we did My Monday where I tried to get a little more vulnerable with you and shared some motivation.
While trying to think of a theme for this year I decided I'd really like to focus on just blogging again.
I started blogging when I was a teenager and back then it was more like a journal.
I'd share experiences and silly things my friends and I did. 
When I got married I started a new blog that eventually evolved into this one.
I love sharing crafts, recipes and home decor here but, I really miss the aspect of just writing about our life.
So, each Monday I am going to recap something from our lives from the previous week.

This weekend was pretty slow for us. 
We hung around at home, ate food, and watched movies.
I also finally accomplished something I have wanted to do for years.
I hand wrote Thank You Cards.
Each year, after the holidays, I feel so overwhelmed with the amount of gifts, cards and love receive.
I always want to send out hand written Thank You Cards to those who are so kind to think of us during the holiday season but, never get around to it.
I didn't want that to be the case this year so I made a point to buy some cute Thank You Cards before Christmas so that I would have them on hand.

I found these cute Kraft Thank You Cards at Target and bought a 40 pack to ensure I wouldn't miss anyone. 

During the holidays I created a note on my phone and added the name of each person I wanted to thank along with what I was thanking them for.

When I was ready to write my cards I pulled up the list and wrote a personalized message to each person thanking them for their gift, card or time.  

Before I knew it I had a pretty tall stack.
It was a great way to gain back the heartwarming feelings from the holidays and to hopefully spread those feelings around.

I love getting mail.
I feel like we don't utilize it as much as we should in this day and age.
It's so much fun to receive a surprise in the mess of all your ads and bills.
And, a hand written note shows that you took the time to think about someone and write down your feelings.
That's exactly what I was hoping to convey by sending out these Thank You Cards. 
Do you ever send out mail?
If so, what do you send?
Give me all the inspiration below!

All my love,

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