Monday, July 16, 2018

My Monday | Indulge

Hello everyone!
Last week I was in a bit of a funk...
Friday came and Erik was so excited for the weekend but he could tell my funk wasn't going anywhere.
He asked how we could make it go away.
I thought about it and my mind immediately told me I needed to indulge.
So, like any responsible adult I decided I wanted ice cream for dinner.

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Erik and I had ice cream for dinner.
I'm talking HUGE ice cream sundaes.
And it honestly made me feel better.
We are constantly focused on responsibilities.
Our families, jobs, school.
It is important to take a break and indulge once in awhile.
Indulging lets us reward ourselves for all we have done and gives us the energy to move forward.
No work and all play makes Jack a dull boy.
I encourage you to indulge this week.
Buy yourself something fancy, play hooky, eat ice cream for dinner.
Whatever your mind tells you you need to do, do it!

All my love,

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