Monday, July 30, 2018

My Monday | Be A Friend

Hello everyone!
Today is International Friendship Day which is perfect because I want to talk about friends this My Monday.
I feel the older we get the harder it is to keep friendships alive.
We have more responsibilities, we move, we have marriages and kids to focus on.
We all have so much going on in our lives that our friendships do not get the attention they need.
I believe that friendships are very important.
You need people to vent to.
You need people to let off steam with.
You need people in your corner.

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Growing up I always heard to have a friend you need to be one.
I try to keep this in mind when I am seriously lacking in the friend area.
I will try to reach out at least once a week to let them know I am thinking about them.
Text message, a tag on Instagram whatever works at the moment!
I try to remember important dates and share in their meaning.
I also try to surprise them with little goodies from time to time.
Isn't that all something we want?
To know we are loved and cared for.
I encourage you to reach out to a friend this week.
Let them know you are there for them.
When we find our people we need to keep them around.
After all good friends are hard to find.

All my love,

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