Monday, April 2, 2018

My Monday | New Beginnings

Hello everyone!
This past week we experienced some warmer spring days here in Utah. 
It felt so good to be outside and feel the sun on my skin.
Over the Easter weekend I thought a lot about spring and its representation of new beginnings.
Winters have always been very hard for me.
This winter was especially hard after the loss of Scout.
Even though we hardly got any snow here it was the coldest winter in our home. 
We went into a deep hibernation.
The last several weeks we have been slowly coming out of our cave.
It hasn't been easy.
During these warmer springs days I have grown optimistic.
 I have realized I am ready.
I am ready for a good deep cleaning and a fresh start.
I am ready to shed my old skin and for a new beginning,
I am hopeful for what is to come.

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What is motivating you this spring?
I would love to hear!

All my love,

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