Friday, April 6, 2018

DIY Tin Can Planters

Hello everybody!
Nothing says spring to me like fresh flowers and plants.
Our backyard is still under construction from when we moved in a year ago so I decided to bring a little herb garden inside using tin cans.

You will need:
Tin Cans
A Drill
Planting Soil
Herb Plants

Collect your tin cans, I used two olive cans and a diced tomato can.
Drill holes into the bottom of your cans so the soil can drain.

Remove labels, wash cans and remove any sticky debris leftover from the labels.
Dry cans thoroughly.
Add a thin layer of potting soil to the bottom of your cans.
Dampen the soil and roots of your plants so they are a little more flexible.
Gently work the plants into the cans and add another thin layer of potting soil to the top.
That's it!

Erik and I love to cook dinner together and I love to use fresh produce.
What could be more fresh than right from the dirt?
I choose three plants that I thought we would use the most.
Basil, rosemary and mint.

I am so excited to use these fresh ingredients during our cooking.
I do not have a green thumb so if I can keep these alive I will definitely be adding more!
I placed our cans in the windowsill above our sink so they can get plenty of sun light and be easy to reach.
When I water them I take them down from window sill, place them in the sink, water them and and let them drain before placing them back in the window sill.

This is a perfect way for people like us who don't have their own outdoor space to still have a small garden.
Plus it was so easy to create!
What are your favorite fresh herbs to use while cooking?

All my love,

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