Friday, January 19, 2018

Winter Twig Votives

Hello everyone!
During the winter months I always like to add candles to our home to make it feel a little more cozy during the dark winter nights. 
Our house is so bare once the Christmas decorations come down that I wanted to add some decor.
I decided to make twig votives to help me accomplish both of these goals!

You will need:
Glass Votives
Votive Candles
Craft Twigs
Spray Paint
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks

Measure the craft sticks from the bottom of the votive to the top of the votive and break.
Repeat until you have at least thirty twigs per votive.
Spray paint twigs to your desired color.
I wanted my twigs to look like birch tree twigs because birch trees are white and say winter to me.
I couldn't find any birch tree craft twigs so I decided to paint them.
You can keep your twigs plain or paint them any color you prefer. 
Once the twigs are completely dry use your glue gun and place a line of glue down one side of a twig.
Place onto glass votive immediately and press to secure it into place.
Continue around the votive until you have covered the glass.
Repeat and create as many votives as you like. 
Add a candle to the center, light and enjoy!

These were such an easy craft to make!
I thought the twig votives would be perfect for winter as most of our trees are bare and just twigs.
I think these would be perfect for fall as well.
How do you decorate your house during January?

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