Monday, January 22, 2018

My Monday | Spread Love

Hello everyone!
As I was brainstorming content for February I decided I really wanted to focus on spreading some love around.
I have always loved Valentine's Day and the excuse it gives to show love to those closest to me.
I decided on a few things I could drop off on friend's and family's porches. 
Drinks, flowers, donuts, dinner. 
Nothing too fancy.
After Scout passed away we were blown away by all the love and support we received.
We haves piles and piles of goodies currently in our house.
I decided that I didn't need to wait till February to spread the love and have committed to at least one "drop off" a week.
It will be a great excuse for me to get out of the house, focus on others and hopefully let them feel some of the love we have been so generously given.

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Over the weekend we had a big snow storm hit our city.
We received at least six inches of snow.
Erik and I were hanging out inside our house one morning when I heard some noise outside.
I peaked out the window to see our neighbor and her son shoveling our driveway and walkways.
I was so blown away because there was SO much snow and they were dedicating a portion of their morning in the cold to do this for the youngest people on the block.
Not only did they shovel it but they salted it.
And not for the first time either...
They had no idea that Erik and I had recently lost our Scoutie and what it meant to us for them to take some time out of their day.

I hope their example and my goal can encourage you to do some good to those around you.
There have been times where I have found myself feeling like I don't have much to offer because I don't have the time or money.
It is so simple to make someone's day.
Drop off a homemade goodie, send a text, shovel a driveway, pay for the person behind you in the drive thru, give someone a smile or a compliment.
It doesn't take much and it might be exactly what they needed that day. 
Wherever you are whatever you may be experiencing I hope you can feel my love for you.

All my love,

PS: If you would like to follow me spreading some love I will be posting my "drop offs" on my Instagram feed and stories.

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