Monday, September 25, 2017

Makeover Monday | Spiderweb Porch

Hello everyone!
Life has been crazy lately so please accept this Halloween decoration for Makeover Monday.

Every year Erik and I cover our porch with a decorative spiderweb.

On the spiderweb we place lots of spider rings.
We have always wanted to add in a giant spider and we finally purchased one this year.
Check that off the Bucket List!
We perched the spider right above the front door so he can watch you get caught in the web!

Since our front door is metal I cut off a few of the ring bands and glued a tiny magnet on the back of a the spiders.
Then I placed them on the the door.

Walking up to our front door is like walking into a giant spider nest.
It's so fun and festive!
How do you decorate outside for the holidays?

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