Friday, September 22, 2017

Fall Haul

Hello everyone!
Happy first day of fall!
Fall is my favorite season so I thought a haul was in order.
Or as Erik calls it a Faul.

I love hauls.
Especially fall hauls!

Let's start with the biggest purchase. The knit overcoat. I had been seeing so many outfits on Pinterest with a long overcoat and loved the look. I found one at Forever 21 for $75 but thought it was too expensive. I kept my eye on it and it went on sale for $50. I am cheap so I still thought it was too much for me to spend. Then while it was on sale for $50 they had another sale for 40% off all sale items. That brought the coat down to $30! I snagged that puppy so fast and I am glad I did. It is very thick and will be perfect for both fall and winter.

I have had my eyes out for a black baseball cap to wear on those days that I don't do my hair. (Everyday) I had found a few but we just didn't click. I saw this knit baseball cap while shopping for my coat at Forever 21 and decided to give it a shot. I LOVE this hat! I think it looks a little more put together since it is a knit fabric instead of a canvas fabric. Plus it was only $13! 

I saw tassel earrings everywhere this summer! I wanted to buy a pair but never got around to it. While browsing at Forever 21 for my Knit Overcoat I found these black ones that I thought would be a perfect neutral to wear with any outfit. I love these earrings. They had a little flair to your everyday outfit.

Every year I have to grab me some fall hand soaps from Bath and Body Works. I love their products. I go for the deep cleansing hand soaps because I need something that really exfoliates my skin. I got Crisp Morning AirAfternoon Apple Picking and my all time favorite Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin.
They were all on sale for $3! Holla! 

This was my very first Bath and Body Works candle. Did I mention I am cheap? Bath and Body Works was having a sale on all of their three wick candles. $10 off! I decided to grab one while I was shopping for my fall hand soaps. Erik was with me and we each took turns smelling the candles. We both liked the Pumpkin Apple candle. It smells like fall but isn't too overpowering. 

Nothing says fall to me like plaid. I have so much plaid in my fall wardrobe but I wanted to add something to our house. I found the perfect Plaid Throw at Target. It came in a few different colors but the orange one felt the most like fall. It is so soft! It's the perfect blanket to snuggle up with when the weather is rainy or to take outside and have a picnic on when it's warm. 

I have had my eye on these copper mugs for a year. Since it was fall again I decided to snatch them up. The warm copper color is perfect for fall. I can't wait to drink all the hot chocolate and apple cider in these.

Let's just say ankle booties are life. I bought a pair of black booties a few years ago and I wear them EVERYDAY! The black ankle booties did not go with every outfit so I knew I wanted to find some brown ones this year.  I found these American Eagle booties at Payless. Gotta love that BOGO. I liked the leather look and the gold zipper is the perfect accent. 

It is officially fall today and I have the perfect items to kick it off with!
What are you most excited for this fall?

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