Monday, August 14, 2017

Makeover Monday | Family Room Shelves

Hello everyone!
Did anyone else's weekend seem to fly by?
I was not ready for this week to start...
But getting these shelves up has definitely made me feel better.

I showed you the original design for the shelves in this Family Room Concept Design.

On the top shelf we have a blue mercury candle votive gifted to me by my lovely sister.
In the middle a wood frame with a buffalo print.
In the original design I had a wood sign.
I saw this buffalo print on Pinterest and fell in love.
It had more of the natural feel I wanted for the room. 
Plus the wood frame and print together were cheaper than the wood sign.
On the right we have a white crystal geode.

On the middle shelf we have a globe on the left.
In the middle a wooden plaque I have had for years.
It says "Life is to be enjoyed not just endured."
I love this quote and since it was blue it fit right in.
To the right we have a tall cream candle and a navy dipping bowl.
The bowl originally held a succulent but I transported it to another pot. (I really didn't kill it!)
 I thought the bowl would make a nice addition here. 

On the bottom shelf we have a copper potted succulent to the left.
On the right a blue agate in a wood frame and another blue mercury candle votive.

The shelves were longer than I expected so I had more room than originally planned.
That just means I get to shop for more pieces to fill them in!
I love the overall feel of the shelves.
The cool blues and warm copper and wood elements blend so well together.
What elements do you like to use in your decorating?

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