Monday, May 8, 2017

Makover Monday | Master Bedroom Design Part 3

Hello everyone!
Today I am going to show you the concept design for the third wall in our Master Bedroom.
It is located to the left of our last concept design post.
This wall is a little tricky as it has a window, bathroom door and is located right next to our bed.
It didn't leave much space.
I originally didn't plan on putting anything in this area.
I was only going to had curtains to the window.
I have always liked the idea of having a bench at the end of our bed but our current set up does not have enough room.
So I thought, "Why not put the bench under the window?"
It works perfectly!

The wall is painted a light blue like the rest of the room.
I thought the curtains would be a perfect way to add in some more deep purple.
I chose a black curtain rod to match the rest of the hardware in the room.
Underneath the window is where I added the bench.
It's gray and matches our bedding well.
I loved that the legs were gold to tie in with the rest of the gold accents in the room.
I added a gray furry pillow on top to match the elegant feel of the bench.
Even though the space was cramped due to the window and bathroom door I think it will match the overall feel of the rest of our bedroom.
What do you think?

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