Friday, May 5, 2017

Cinco De Mayo Crepe Paper Backdrop

Hello everyone!
Happy Cinco De Mayo!
Erik and I celebrate every year by grabbing some Cafe Rio and watching a movie at home.
We put up a few decorations to make the house feel more festive.
While organizing my craft room a little while ago I discovered I had a lot of crepe paper.
Like a lot...
What was I going to do with all of it?
I thought it would be perfect to create a Cinco De Mayo backdrop!

I started by creating a pattern on the wall.
Three strips of green crepe paper, three pink, three orange, etc and cut them to my desired length.
Then I went over the top of the pattern layer and added in single strips of crepe paper.
I didn't really use a pattern for the single strips layer.
I just tried to make it so that there was a mixture of color.
I love how it turned out!

This was my first time doing a crepe paper background.
I usually place a single colored tablecloth behind the table as a backdrop.
About half way through creating the backdrop I realized there was an easier way.
I should have still used a tablecloth, taped the crepe paper to it and then hung it up.
No up and down on my ladder!
I was already half way through so I continued onward and gave my legs a killer workout.
After the background was finished I set up our banquet table with our Cinco De Mayo decorations.


And that was it!
The process was so easy but it was a little time consuming.
I would do it again just maybe all on the tablecloth as we discussed.
What do you do for Cinco De Mayo?

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