Monday, March 6, 2017

Makeover Mondays | Kitchen Shelves

Hello everyone!
Happy Monday!
In my very first Kitchen Design post I showed you some open shelves.
For my birthday I decided to finally treat myself and buy the shelves!
Erik put them up for me and I added the items I had been holding onto.

As you might have noticed the shelves look a little different than the original concept design.
There were a few things that ended up not working out because they were too heavy and I am waiting for a few things to come in the mail.

On the top shelf I originally had a cake stand, my hedgehog salt and pepper shakers and an assortment of latte bowls from Anthropologie.
The cake stand was too heavy for the shelf and the bowls are back ordered until May!
Also my hedgehog lost his partner in an accident... 
I added Scouts treat jar in place of the cake stand for now and my plain white latte bowl is holding a spot for its colorful friend to join him in May.

On the middle shelf I had a cook book and my marble serving tray.
The tray turned out to be too heavy so I added the succulent in its place.
I did find a cook book and placed the pink rolling pin in front of it to add some color.

On the bottom shelf the design is basically the same.
We have our clear glasses, my fox salt and pepper shakers and this cute print that says "My kitchen is for dancing."
I love this print as I always have kitchen dance parties while cooking, cleaning, etc.
I am waiting on a different picture frame to arrive in the mail and then the bottom shelf is complete!
I absolutely love the shelves and they add so much to our kitchen.
What do you think?

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