Friday, March 3, 2017

Gold Cavnas Art

Hello everyone!
Do you remember how I told you I would do a tutorial on the gold canvas paintings in our front room?
Well I am here to fulfill that promise!
I was originally inspired by a photo I saw on Pinterest and clicked on it to see how much the painting was.
To my surprise it was homemade!
I was so impressed and excited because this meant I didn't have to save up or find something new.

 Here is what I used:
Two 24 x 36 blank canvases 
A pencil and eraser
A ruler
Gold paint 
Bright Gold paint
A sponge brush

I got the canvases during a deal at Michael's when it was buy one canvas get one free. 
So we were already off to a good start!
I drew the design with a pencil and ruler.

It took several tries and lots of erasing....
Once I had the desired look I taped the edges off.

I mixed the two gold paints together equally which was a tip I got from the original post.
I got the Gold paint thinking that I wouldn't mind it on its own but it wasn't the shade I thought it would be.
By mixing in the Bright Gold paint I was able to get a shade I liked.
I painted the first layer on.
Keep in mind I wanted it to look imperfect so I did light layers and made brush strokes wherever I felt necessary.
I let the first layer dry completely and did a second coat.
Then a third.
After the paint had completely dried I took of the tape and cleaned up any visible pencil marks.
Then we hung them up!

What do you think?
I can't believe how much gold has come back in style.
Do you like the gold trend?

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