Monday, January 9, 2017

Makeover Monday | Beating the Winter Blues

Hello everyone!
Does anyone get the Winter Blues like me?
Between Christmas being over, it getting dark at 4pm and clean eating due to my New Years resolutions.
January is...

All of our Christmas decorations are officially down and that means the blues are coming for me...
Here are a few things I have done around the house to help with the Winter Blues.

Add Light
I leave for work in the dark and come home in the dark
It is depressing...
Adding some light really helps during those looong dark days.
Whether it's some twinkle lights, a new lamp or busting out some candles anything helps.

Add Life
Adding some life (real or fake) is a nice reminder that winter will eventually end and we will see life again... 

Add Warmth
I am always cold.
And winter does not help.
It is the perfect time to show off those cute throw blankets on your bed or couches for easy access.
Or to pick up a new one to add to your collection.

Add Sound
Christmas music starts playing in our house religiously in November...
When December is over and the Christmas music is gone I don't know what to do.
It's like when you finish a good book or binge a show ya know?
I have been listening to some mellow Pandora stations that make me feel calm and just seem to go with Winter.

Such as:

Ingrid Michaelson
 Laid Back Brunch
and Pride and Prejudice

The Ingrid Michaelson and Laid Back Brunch stations have really mellow songs by various artists that relax me.
The Pride and Prejudice station is more classical.
It has the music scores from Pride and Prejudice (Which I love) and films similar to it.

What are some things you have found that have helped you through the winter blues?

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