Sunday, June 14, 2015

New Employee Gift Part 2

Hello everyone!
Remember the new employee gift I showed  you a few months ago?
Well we finally had a boy start at the branch so here is the second version I promised.
For this gift I went with the color orange.

Here are the things I ended up with:

Orange Cheetos
Orange mechanical pencils
Orange Burt's Bee lip balm
Orange Reese's 
Orange mango drink
Orange Post It's
Orange Tropical Trident gum

I couldn't find an orange gift bag so I ended up getting just a plain colored one and added in orange tissue paper.
Then I added on an orange tag that read
"Orange we glad to have you!"
And left it on his desk for him to find on his first day. 

What do you do for new employees to make them feel welcome?

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