Sunday, June 7, 2015

Birthday In A Box

Hello everyone!
I wanted to show you a cute and easy birthday gift I recently did for a friend.
I love it because it's really cute, simple and inexpensive.

You will need:

Birthday supplies:
I used candles, shredded paper (confetti), and a balloon
Little gifts:
I used Reese's, nail polish and EOS
A box
Washi tape

Fill your box with the "confetti."
Add in your birthday supplies and your little gifts.

Tape the balloon to the top of the box with the Washi tape.

I wrapped mine up in with baker's twine but you could also write "Birthday In A Box "on top or it's the perfect set up to send in the mail if you live too far away to give it in person.

What would you include in your "Birthday In A Box?"

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