Monday, February 16, 2015

New Employee Gift

Hello all!

I am on the Party Planning Committee at work which means I am also apart of the Welcoming Committee.
Last Monday we had two new girls start at our branch.
For the last few new employees I just threw something together the night before but for the new year I decided I wanted an actual to go to gift so it was fair for each employee.
After some consideration I decided to go with colors!
I ran to the store and grabbed a few pink things for the girls that I thought were fun and useful.

Here is what I ended up with:

Pink note pad
Pink gum
Pink hand sanitizer
Pink grapefruit drink
Pink pens
Pink eos lip balm
Pink nail polish

I wrapped up the pink things in a pink bag with some pink tissue paper.
Added a cute pink tag that said 
"We are 'tickled pink' to have you!"
and left it on their desks for them to find on their first day.
I think it's so nice to have something ready for your new employees.
It's a nice way to make them feel welcome and let them know you are prepared for them.
Since I am not brave enough to give a complete pink gift to a new employee that is a guy,  I decided their color would be orange.

Stay tuned for that post!

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