Monday, January 10, 2022

A Failure Of A Year

Hello everyone!
It's been a hot second...
A year to be exact. And what a year it was.
I was starting to feel a little restless so, I decided to try out a few new things in 2021.

First, I went back to school. 
I both loved and hated it. I completed two semesters with straight A's. 
Whoop! Whoop!

Second, I got a new job. 
I started applying for a few positions because there was no growth at my current job. They were paying me peanuts, I had learned all that I could in that position with no new opportunities insight and the owners had all but given up on their small business so, I was stoked when another small business took me in for more money and more opportunities. 

Third, I dropped out of school due to my new job. 
I was easily putting in more than 40 hours each week and didn't feel comfortable staying in school at the time. 
Too much work and too much school makes Autumn unhappy...

Fourth, I took on a lot more responsibility at work. 
A few weeks into my new position the team who helped me with my workload spontaneously quit. I got to do their jobs plus mine. A few weeks after that my manager who had created my position and hired me spontaneously quit. I, along with a few other coworkers, took on the manager's responsibilities while they looked for a replacement. 
It took over two months... 

Fifth, I caught Coronavirus. 
After almost two years of dodging it and taking all the precautions I could, it caught us. Erik felt off so he went in for a test. The rapid test came back negative so we weren't concerned. The next day I had a sore throat. I masked up and went into work but when I felt very off the next morning I decided to go in and get tested. Erik came home from work while I was looking into appointments and I knew something was wrong. I walked downstairs and he handed me his saliva test results. They were positive and I knew it had finally gotten us both... We were very lucky as we had minor symptoms. (Thank you vaccine!) 
I lost my taste for a few days and Erik lost his sense of smell.

Sixth, I lost my new job. 
The day before Thanksgiving I was asked to join a meeting to review my position. I didn't think anything of it as we had finally gotten a new Manager and I figured we were going to review the responsibilities I had taken over and what I would no longer oversee. Boy was I wrong... I was informed that my position would no longer exist. I was welcome to apply for other positions in the company but I wasn't guaranteed anything.
 Happy Holidays to me... 

So, here I sit at the beginning of a new year reflecting on the previous one and its many failures, trying to scrounge up some hope as we face another year of who knows what. 
Updating my resume once again in the hopes I can find a place that will treat and pay me right. 
Hoping we can survive another one... 
But, enough about me.
How are you?
What did 2021 hold for you?
Hopefully something good.
I missed you guys...

All my love, 

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