Sunday, September 20, 2020

Our Stay At Snowpine Lodge

Hello everyone!
Last weekend Erik and I finally broke quarantine...
We have been SO good for the last several months.
We haven't seen family or friends and have only gone to work, home, or the grocery store.
We decided it was time to finally stretch our limits a little bit in honor of our anniversary.
Each year we usually take a trip for our anniversary.
This year was supposed to be Hawaii...
Obviously, that wasn't happening so, we decided to do a staycation instead.
Last year I had the amazing opportunity to go review the Snowpine Lodge.
I have wanted to go back with Erik ever since and we decided now was the perfect time.

The drive up was absolutely breathtaking.
The Snowpine is located in Little Cottonwood Canyon which has started to make its slow transition into fall.
Pops of red, orange, and yellow lined the road the entire drive up.
When we arrived we checked in (with masks of course!) and immediately went to our room.

The rooms are very minimalistic.
Decorated in a neutral color scheme with wood furniture for added warmth.

A wood barn door seperated our room from the bathroom complete with a walk in shower.

Acrooss from the bed hung a large TV with an entertainment center and chair for lounging close by.

There was also a nook for extra storage space.

The best part of the room though, was the view.

Our sliding glass door opened out onto a shared balcony with seating areas and fire pits.

After exploring our room and getting settled in it was time for dinner.
Their onsite restaurant Swen's was closed for the season due to COVID...
But the Gulch Bar was open and offered select menu items.
We each ordered a Snowpine Burger and chose a spot on the patio to enjoy our meal.

The burgers were delicious.
Large, flavorful, and oh so juicy.

They were so good we decided we needed to try dessert as well.
We got a chocolate chip cookie skillet to split.
It was equally as delicious.
We agreed we would make the drive back up just for the food alone.

After dinner, we put on our masks and explored the hotel.
Each floor has a beautifully decorated common room where you can gather around a fire to watch TV or play games.

The hotel is nestled in between two mountain ranges so there are no bad views.
Even walking down the hall to the rooms you got to see the gorgeous mountains.

Once we had finished exploring we took a quick peek at the outdoor pool to see if anyone was there.
It was empty so we decided to claim it.

We quickly changed into our suits and made our way down.

The pool is heated which made it perfect for a September evening swim.
We enjoyed swimming back and forth under the stars then made our way to the hot tubs.
That's right tubs, plural.

The hot tubs are settled underneath a nearby awning bordering a seating area and a large fireplace.

We talked the night away in the hot tub enjoying the fresh mountain air and the sound of the crackling fire.
It was perfect.

The rest of the evening we spent eating snacks in bed and rewatching Stranger Things.
It was a much-needed break from this year.

I am so happy that we decided to take a day to celebrate each other even though it has been an unconvetional year.
How have you been holding up during 2020?

All my love,

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